2024 SC District Showcase Materials

Plenary Session With Research Presentation

Refresh your memory on the plenary sections of the showcase with this PowerPoint including slides from the research presentation and educator panel. Download this PowerPoint if you’re looking for…

  • Background and data insights into the SC Teacher Working Conditions Survey
  • The future of data infrastructure at SC TEACHER
  • Information on educator panel participants



Addressing Issues Related to Teacher Time
(Lexington School District Two)

Learn about processes that can be used to guide district and school efforts to maximize the use of teacher time. Download this PowerPoint if you’re looking for support….

  • Addressing teacher time as a priority of practice
  • Using tools to build teams and analyze data
  • Showing the impact time-focused efforts can have on teachers and school environments

Engaging School-Level Teams to Lead Change
(Richland School District Two)

Approach the identification of planning needs, like the use of teacher time and student behavior issues, through survey findings and teacher input. Download this PowerPoint if you’re looking for support…

  • Empowering principals with school-level data
  • Checking in on school-level teams’ goals and progress
  • Finding solutions to address aspects of teacher time and student behavior within teacher working conditions

Piloting Change Through a Building-Level Approach
(School District of Newberry County)

Consider the application of data insights to leverage expert teacher leaders and set campus-specific goals. Download this PowerPoint if you’re looking for support…

  • Helping principals set building-level goals with actionable steps forward
  • Outlining a strategic plan around your priority of practice
  • Brainstorming ways to measure impact

Supporting Teachers to Meet Student Health and Safety Needs
(Fairfield County School District)

Explore translating teacher working conditions data into an actionable plan that supports teacher preparedness in handling student health and safety concerns. Download this PowerPoint if you’re looking for support…

  • Spreading awareness around existing resources
  • Incorporating teacher working conditions into ongoing meeting structures
  • Assessing impact over time


Understanding SC Teacher Working Conditions Survey Data

This session guided participants through state-level survey results for a deeper understanding of…

  • The SC Teacher Working Conditions Survey format, function, and data
  • How to analyze survey data in preparation for future district-specific analysis
  • Resources and support available to districts participating in the survey

Making Data Actionable

In this session, attendees used survey data and emerging models to…

  • Discuss common areas of opportunity in supporting educator pipelines
  • Explore challenges that may lead to further data collection and resource development
  • Support further discussion and collaboration in roundtable sessions

Strategic Planning With Survey Data

Highly-engaged districts took part in this session to reflect on

  • Learning exchanges from the day’s proceedings
  • Desired outcomes for the 2024-25 academic year
  • Supports that may be helpful in upcoming work