• The SC Teacher Exit Survey is an annual survey conducted by SC TEACHER (at no cost to school districts) since 2021.
  • Each year, we release a report with analysis of that year’s data, plus longitudinal comparisons across administrations.
  • In the 2022–23 SC Teacher Exit Survey, 18 school districts and 1,192 teachers participated.
  • Districts that participate in the survey receive district-specific findings. They’re also invited to a webinar focused on interpreting the data for strategic planning.

Is my district eligible to participate in the 2024 survey administration?

The 2024 SC Teacher Working Conditions Survey is for districts that did not participate in early 2023 survey administration or did not have a response rate above 25%. The 2024 survey will run from Jan. 29 to Feb. 16, 2024. The standard survey runs on a biannual schedule and will occur again statewide in 2025.

Is your district highlighted in blue?

Your district is eligible to take part in the 2024 SC Teacher Working Conditions Survey!
District personnel will have received information on how to participate.

Is your district highlighted in grey?

We appreciate your participation in the Spring 2023 survey. While your district will not be asked to complete the survey again until the 2025 administration, your results grant district personnel access to specific data, ongoing expert support, and other free resources through SC TEACHER.

Not sure how to access resources? Email SCTinfo@mailbox.sc.edu.

Findings from the 2023 SC Teacher Exit Survey

Average Importance Ratings of Reasons Related to Making a Lateral Move to Another District

Average Importance Ratings of Reasons Related to Returning to Teach for Teachers Leaving Teaching

Figure 4 & Figure 5 from the South Carolina Teacher Exit Survey Summary of Results for 2022–23


This annual exit survey collects data from public K–12 classroom teachers leaving their position or the profession in South Carolina. It’s designed to offer state-level insights into teacher attrition, while also providing participating districts with meaningful and specific insights informing recruitment and retention practices. 

The survey has been administered by SC TEACHER since 2021. Each year, more districts have chosen to participate, helping to build comprehensive data unique to South Carolina.

This survey is an opportunity for districts to learn about the specific working conditions affecting attrition within their schools, while also contributing to the collection of statewide data.

Participating districts receive a report with district-specific results — a helpful resource for understanding why teachers have opted not to renew their contracts. This year, districts can also attend a webinar, where the SC TEACHER team will break down data interpretation and specific takeaways useful for district planning.

School district personnel administrators throughout South Carolina have received invitations and information around survey participation. If you think your district did not receive an invitation, please email SCTinfo@mailbox.sc.edu.

We’re asking districts to let us know if they will participate in the survey by April 29, 2024. Districts that confirm their participation will receive an email with more information on how to submit the necessary data, which we are accepting through May 24, 2024.

Survey responses are confidential, but not anonymous. This is so SC TEACHER can share results with districts that have a minimum of five teachers participating. 

To maintain the privacy of respondents, we work to ensure teachers can never be identified by their responses. Individual responses and any identifying data are kept confidential and not shared with school districts or the state. 

District-specific results are shared only in aggregate and with the district point of contact (most often the personnel administrator). SC TEACHER also collects results into a state-level report. None of this information can be traced back to the individual. 

Given that a district meets the minimum threshold of five teachers participating, district-specific survey results are confidentially shared with the district point of contact.

Each year, SC TEACHER produces a state-level report on exit survey findings using aggregated data. Through this report, collective data from districts help inform South Carolina policymakers’ decisions around teacher retention and recruitment efforts. 

All South Carolina public school districts should receive invitations to participate in early April. For districts that agree to participate, instructions on how to submit data will follow.

Districts must agree to participate before SC TEACHER can administer the survey to exiting teachers. Teachers in participating districts will receive invitations to take the survey via their district emails.  

If you have any questions about participating, please email SCTinfo@mailbox.sc.edu.

The SC Teacher Exit Survey is conducted by the South Carolina Teacher Education Advancement Consortium for Higher Education Research (SC TEACHER). SC TEACHER is a state-funded research consortium that administers, coordinates, and disseminates high-quality research on teacher recruitment, preparation, and retention to inform and assist districts in South Carolina.

Have additional questions?
Contact SC TEACHER at SCTinfo@mailbox.sc.edu.